380 St Kilda

PE SOS is a professional course provider for pharmacy licensing exams, located at Level 3, 480 Collins St, Melbourne Vic 3000.
PE SOS is a subsidiary of IMG SOS specialized in providing preparation courses to various professions such as Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy. PE SOS understands the needs of pharmacists and provides effective, smart and fast solutions to prepare them for their written, oral exams besides OET and KAPS for overseas pharmacists.

The tutoring team is comprised of high calibre tutors and Australian expert pharmacists who have long years of experience as pharmacists and tutors and know well how to equip candidates with the skills required to pass the exam first time.

Our core business is to provide one to one written and oral courses, all online, in order to help those who reside in other states, remote locations, other countries or those who prefer to take courses from home. Nevertheless, students can request face to face sessions booked at our centre.

PE SOS is the only provider of one-to-one pharmacy exam preparation courses. It provides courses that are available at the time you sign-up, with a customised session schedule that suits your needs. So, you do not have to fully dedicate your time to the course or leave your work and daily duties to undertake it.

100% positive feedback has been received on our process, content and tutors. More satisfied pharmacists are enrolling and/or extending their sessions.

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