With our pharmacy internship oral exam preparation (one-on-one format), you will learn a systematic approach of answering that is a pivotal requirement to pass the exam smoothly. True understanding of assessable concepts and diligent composition of answers is an important factor in performance. Our friendly tutors will make sure you capture the methodology and you adopt it in your way of thinking and studying.

You will also have your level assessed and discover your areas of weakness and strength. This means you will be able to better organise your study time, and practice more efficiently. You will understand the key points in the various scenarios which the examiners are looking for. It is the ideal course for candidates who are confident in some areas, but less so in others.

Don’t waste time by relying on your sole understanding and guessing which approach is successful and how much knowledge is enough. Study and learn with tutor pharmacists who have been there before, and know what it takes to achieve excellent grades. PE SOS will answer this question for you through our pharmacy oral exam online courses. You can start practicing immediately from your place – home study is effective and flexible – and if you are unhappy cancel anytime and receive a refund.

Pharmacists who seek help from professional course providers appreciate the outcome, so don’t miss out! Check out our pharmacy exam preparation packages below to determine what level of help you may need, and get started today.

Online 3-week Regular Course    

  • 30 hours of one-on-one tutoring
  • Role playing covering each part of the exam
  • What to expect in the exam
  • How to get prepared
  • How to manage the challenging problem solving (part 4)
  • Drug knowledge, over the counter counselling, law cases
  • Critical errors
  • How to satisfy the examiners
  • Answer to your questions and focus on your needs
  • Level assessment and feedback
  • Time management
  • You can schedule sessions after hours
  • You can schedule sessions on weekends
  • Copyrighted materials (40 pages booklet)
  • A complete guide tutorial to pass the exam


Oral trial exam (60 min)    

  • Drug knowledge
  • Over the counter counselling
  • Law cases
  • Problem solving (part 4)
  • Get verbal feedback at the end of the trial exam
  • Get recommendations
  • know how ready you are for the exam
  • know your areas of weakness and work on them


Online 3-week extensive course       

  • This is an on online one-on-one course that can be scheduled at the time of your convenience and addresses your own level of knowledge and performance.
  • It measures your improvement against the exam requirement and provides you with constant feedback and guidance.
  • It includes 60 hours of one-on-one tutoring, and covers hundreds of cases. No time is wasted with other students.
  • Qualified tutors will train you and build your approach step by step in order to develop your skills for the exam.
  • The course is provided by two tutors delivering the course simultaneously.
  • Copyrighted materials provided (40 pages booklet).
  • This course is suitable for those who didn’t take courses before and don’t want to risk sitting the exam without being ready.
  • Preferred by overseas / interstate or busy students.
  • Success guaranteed!
  • * Payment plans are available.